12 Brazilian Beaches to Take your Breath Away

The best Brazilian beaches to take breath away are known like trues paradises on Earth. Prepare your travel and follow this article.

Few things at world can be compared with Brazilian beaches beauties. There, you may enjoy fauna, flora or hotels infrastructures worthy by cinemas scenarios. Enjoy this list contained the most beautiful 12 Brazilian Beaches.

Top 12 Brazilian Beaches

1: Santa Catarina Beaches – One of the best seasons to enjoy Santa Catarina beaches is autumn, with sunny and clear days, mild temperature, less rain and low prices.

Visit Florianopolis to see best Brazilian beaches at Santa Catarina and enjoy hotels or hostels services.

2: Lençóis Maranhenses (Brazilian beaches) – The largest dune field in Brazil is also one of preferred destinations for people who enjoy adventure tourism and nature contact.

To long walks and interaction with traditional communities enjoy overnight in villages. Magnificent hotels and hostels are also available.

3: Fernando de Noronha (Pernambuco) – Even in times of rain, tourists can enjoy the island’s attractions, including best diving at sea. There is a top marine wildlife.

According to Brazilian Ministry of Tourism, there are discounts of up to 30% on tourist packages during low season period – so, pay attention!

4: Pipa Beach – To 85 km from Natal City. These Brazilian beach, discovered by surfers at 70’s, has more than ten kilometers long and main seaside resort on southern coast of state.

With rustic style and a wall of colorful cliffs framing sea, this place is one true paradise at Brazilian Northeast!

Even though rainy season, tourists can enjoy island’s attractions, do trails or dive and boat trips. Last year, 80.000 tourists traveled to archipelago.

5: Quarta Praia (Bahia) – Morro de São Paulo, in Bahia, has space for all types of tourists: from partygoers for quiet people who want to relax!

6: São Miguel – Is a small fishing village just over 100 km from Natal City. It has beautiful beaches with breathtaking landscapes.

The village of dirt roads is becoming one main tourist attraction by northeast Brazil, perfect for who want to know a new and incredible place.

7: Espelho Beach (Trancoso / Bahia) – Situated on top of a cliff is among the most desired destinations for tourists.

Cliffs and crystal-clear water result in a spectacular landscape next coral reefs and natural pools.

8: Fortaleza (Canoa Quebrada Beach) – Orange cliffs mixed with dunes and a green sea make it the perfect place for enjoy at northeast.

With seaside stalls and live music, this small village remains lively during high season, making tourists enjoy visual taking advantage of Ceará excitement

9: Ipióca at Maceio (Alagoas): It has crystalline turquoise waters that can easily be confused with Caribbean. Do you like deserted beaches? So, this is your good choice.

10: Taipu de Fora Beach (Bahia) – If you like diving at your travel this is a good place! Filled with natural pools.

The white sand and coconut palms on 7 km stretch of beach complete one paradisiacal scenery.

11: Toque Beach at Alagoas – According to The Guardian, this place is one of most Brazilian beaches. “Spectacular light of full moon. Here, moon seems closer and bigger than it should be”.

12: Carneiros Beach – This destination is perfect to people looking for best deserted Brazilian beaches.

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